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Choosing a Program for an Out-of-Control Teen

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

When you have a teen whose behavior is spiraling out of control, you may be feeling helpless, hopeless, and downright scared for your child, thinking there is nothing you can do to help them.

When there's no more room for negotiations, you are done pleading and disciplining and if you need help, there are teen sobriety services available to support you and your teen. One major benefit of using such a service is that not only are these programs designed for teens, but their teams are experts in addiction and addictive behaviors.

Here Are Five Programs For You To Consider On Your Journey To Getting Your Teen Addiction Help:

Parent Support And Coaching Services:

Raising children is one of the hardest things you will ever do... and admitting that you need support is admirable. Enrolling in a support program through a teen sobriety service - either one-on-one support or a group program is a significant step towards understanding what your teen is going through and how you can help them.

In addition to being seen and heard, you will also find a community of parents experiencing the same feelings, so you don't feel so alone and helpless.


A consulting program will work with you in your home or online to set you, your family, and your teen up for addiction help and relapse prevention. Working side-by-side with a behavior management specialist, you will have a customized treatment plan with your needs and your teen's needs considered. The behavior specialist will work with you and your teen until you both have achieved success and no longer need support.

Life Skills Retreat:

Sending your out-of-control teen on a retreat may be the reset they need. Removing them from their environment and away from triggers for bad behavior to help with addiction or prevent a relapse. They will have time to learn new skills for coping and problem-solving and have time to think about their behavior and how it affects people around them.

There are several retreat programs available that range from 3 days to 14 days in length. These programs are great for teen addictions, and relapse, and will help guide them through the steps needed to be taken to sobriety.

Health Coaching And Fitness:

Signing your teen up, or joining a team with a health and fitness coach can help cultivate respect for healthy eating and moving your body. Programs would be tailored to you and your teen's ability. Using exercise for teen addiction help and relapse prevention is a lifelong skill that your teen can fall back on for years to come.

Random Screening And Testing:

A random screening and testing program are excellent to pair with another program to ensure teen relapse prevention. Teens can be sneaky and adding substance abuse into that equation can lead to some very deceitful behavior. Having your teen tested randomly through a program instead of doing it yourself will make the process easier for you and is a vital step in teen relapse prevention.

If the programs listed here are not what you're looking for, don't be disheartened. There are many more programs available to get your teen out of their spiral. Whether you need help with teen addiction, teen sobriety services, or teen relapse prevention there is help available. Reach out to us here at Higher Grounds Management to find a program that will be beneficial to you and your teen.

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