Higher Grounds

Elite Behavior and Intervention Management

Tynan Mason

Coach Ty Mason is a former Gang Intervention Specialist, Juvenile Probation Officer, and Deputy Probation Officer. He attended Sacred Heart Cathedral College Preparatory High School in San Francisco and studied Psychology and Criminal Justice at UNLV. He also received certifications in mediation and conflict resolution.


Coach Ty is a certified life and health coach specializing in motivational interviewing techniques, family mediation, behavior intervention, and relapse prevention. He brings over 18 years of professional experience to his clients and the families he serves.


Coach Ty recently founded Journey Home, a local non-profit organization that assists middle and high school students with behavioral challenges and also provides guidance and support groups for parents that can not afford private services. He is a graduate of the Manhattan Beach Leadership Council class of 2020, and mentors/coaches many families in the Southern California area.


Coach Ty enjoys running on the beach, surfing, and playing basketball.

Mike Beiras

Coach Mike Beiras attended Mira Costa High School and is a former United States Federal Probation Officer. He studied Psychology at Texas Tech and also earned a Masters Degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Cal State Dominguez Hills.  


Coach Mike is a certified life and health coach, specializing in substance abuse treatment, high-risk offender case management, crisis intervention, and family mediation. He brings over 20 years of specialized Federal Law Enforcement experience and training directly to our team members, support staff, clients, and the families we serve.


Coach Mike enjoys spending time at the beach and playing tennis competitively in numerous leagues throughout California.


If you’d like to donate or sponsor a family in need that cannot afford private services, please visit our non-profit, Journey Home

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