The WhyTry Program is a resilience education curriculum that provides simple, hands-on solutions for dropout prevention, violence prevention, truancy reduction, and increased academic success.

This program helps to motivate and re-engage students who may be struggling with challenges at home and in school. WhyTry is proven effective at increasing student resilience, motivating unmotivated students, increasing GPA, reducing drop out rates, improving social-emotional health, and reducing bullying and violent behavior.

The idea is straightforward: Teach social and emotional principles to youth in a way they can understand and remember. WhyTry is based on sound empirical principles, including solution-focused brief therapy, social and emotional intelligence, and multi-sensory learning.

The WhyTry curriculum utilizes a series of ten visual analogies that teach important life skills (decisions have consequences; dealing with peer pressure; obeying laws and rules; plugging in to support systems). 

The visual analogies are reinforced through the creative use of customized hip-hop music, video, over 150 learning activities, journal activities that help students reflect on program concepts, and other multimedia. The WhyTry curriculum engages all major learning styles (visual, auditory, and body-kinesthetic). WhyTry is often used for RTI and PBiS.

The WhyTry Program is currently at work in over 20,000 organizations in all 50 of the United States, as well as Canada, the UK, and Australia. 



Crisis management is the application of strategies designed to help deal with a sudden and significant negative event. A crisis can occur as a result of an unpredictable event or as an unforeseeable consequence of some event that had been considered a potential risk. In either case, crises almost invariably require that decisions be made quickly to limit damage. 



The transportation service is providing transportation for the client to appointments, counseling sessions, medical appointments, school, after-school activities, court, shopping, and the like.



Random and scheduled drug & alcohol testing service is to ensure the client is avoiding the substances which brought them to their crisis. With this service, we remove the parent from this difficult activity. Random testings are just that, “random” times during the morning, day, evening, and night.



Fitness training is key to increasing confidence and health. Our youth and fitness training programs come with many benefits and are customized for each person. Our coaches can help your child develop good exercise and fitness training habits and improve or maintain personal health goals.



We can manipulate a training program that best fits the demands of your specific sport. This program gives the athlete a comprehensive training approach. The athlete will be educated on training safety and the importance of a balanced program. We will create an individual performance program tailored to your specific needs.



Providing creative outlets for individuals in recovery is essential. Some people relate best to numbers, some to words, some to colors, some to sounds, some to tastes, some to smells…the list goes on. A well-rounded recovery program will allow space for individuals to explore which types or combination of outlets best resonates with the recovering individual. We offer art, music, dance and dramatic arts.



We help you to understand your own body and learn about the advantages of a proper diet for essential lifelong skills. We understand that each body is different, which is why we always set attainable objectives for our clients in order to help them reach their personal goals.



Our job readiness programs offer a healthy mixture of activities with an emphasis on individual accountability. Participants engage in intensive instruction, during which they break down personal barriers to employment, obtain new job skills, develop resumes, and practice interviewing techniques.



We understand the difficult situation people are placed in when they are in need of help for their loved ones. Raising children can be a physical and emotional rollercoaster! And that's why parents need all the support they can get. Our coaches are available 24 hours 7 days a week for any and all support via phone, in person, or online.



Our safety and security service is designed to give parents the reassurance that their child is protected from themself. We customize this service to incorporate several methods that work for the parents needs to help their at-risk child or adult child to be protected from harm or other non-desirable outcomes.



Close and continuous observation of the individual to ensure they are monitored at all times.  We customize this service to fit the needs of each individual, which can include technology inside the home, GPS applications, and traditional watching.



Higher Grounds is dedicated to the individual needs of each student. We work collaboratively with each student’s parents, teachers, and counselors in defining approaches which directly impact success. 


Higher Grounds Management is proud to be partnered with Journey Home. Journey Home is a non-profit that assists families with behavioral challenges in the school setting and at home. Journey Home provides evidence-based support, mentorship, and accountability, ensuring growth and success for the entire home.

For more info and to donate to our partnering non-profit organization Journey Home


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If you’d like to donate or sponsor a family in need that cannot afford private services, please visit our non-profit, Journey Home

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