"My husband and I have seen more progress with our son in 6 months with HG than we have in the last 2 years with traditional therapy."

Forever Grateful,

—  Hermosa Beach Parent



"We tried rehab, therapy, punishments, and everything else you can think of for my son who was making bad decisions. Higher Grounds is the ONLY thing that ever worked. Ty and his team have given me hope. He is a “teen whisperer” and somehow gets through and makes an impact when you’re ready to just pull all your hair out. Parenting a troubled teen can be heartbreaking. If you’re in that situation, call Ty and his team. Trust me on this. You’ll find yourself personally benefiting from his advice and mentoring as much as your teen does. He’s extraordinary.

And best of all are the results. It's a journey and we're still walking the path, but now I've got my son back. He smiles. He jokes around and engages in the conversation. Heck, sometimes he even does the dishes without being asked :-) There are no miracle cures, but Ty and his team are SO much better than "the system."

I really can't say enough about Higher Grounds. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about it. It's a difficult topic and I'd be happy to pay it forward."

- El Segundo, Parent


"I contacted Higher Grounds based on a neighbor's similar experience with their two daughters. My son is also very spoiled, disrespectful at times, and lacks healthy coping skills. Coach Mike and Ty don't just give the same blueprint for each family. Instead, they find out exactly what you need to be successful, create a tailored behavior treatment plan, then most importantly help you execute. Prior to HG, we had been to three therapists, tried Rx meds, and made very little progress. Coach Mike and Ty have made more progress in 10 months then we’ve seen this past 3 years. They truly take pride in achieving results. 


They do an amazing job walking you through each step, including what to expect next.  As a team, we came up with 4 attainable weekly goals that slowly gave our son an opportunity to earn his privileges back. They set very realistic expectations and do equally as good as a job of coaching the parents to help unravel what has unfortunately been created. 

I’m very thankful for all the new tools we’ve learned so far and all the progress we are seeing in our son. Overall I’m very optimistic we will finally see him become the young man we know he is capable of being." 

- Manhattan Beach, Parent


"My son Ryan has been working with Coach Ty for almost a year. Within that time Coach Ty got to assess and work through many issues that we were not able to resolve with Ryan. Ryan is our middle son, he is faced with a variety of challenges at home which includes a brother with autism. For reasons I still don’t understand, Ryan had behaviors that needed to be resolved ASAP — e.g. stealing, lying, being sneaky. With Ty’s balanced method of tough love and flexibility, Ryan was able to break away from some of these behaviors.

Coach Ty is unique in many ways. He met Ryan where he was at physically, emotionally, and mentally. He tailored a unique program of exercise, goal setting, and accountability balanced with unwavering support and reinforcements. Ryan, who’s teenage moods, interests, and commitments wavered from week to week truly needed a ton of flexible support. Whether your teen is a straight-A student in need of a new challenge, or completely out of control, I highly recommend this program. Thank you, Coach Ty!"

- Palos Verdes, Parent


"My son is 22 years old and has been doing illegal drugs since he was about 16. Although we live in Boston, I first heard about HG through my brother-in-law who lives in Manhattan Beach. What gave me hope about this company is they are fully equipped. Their staff consists of highly trained former Law Enforcement, a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Behavior Analyst, as well as Certified Life and Health Coaches. They truly have all bases covered. Sending our son to rehab was a huge financial investment that we wanted to protect.


Over the course of the next two weeks, my wife and I were in constant communication with the Director of HG. Together we were able to come up with a flexible plan that gave us the best opportunity for success. We enrolled our son in Outpatient Rehab in Santa Monica and within 10 days flew our son to LAX. Coach Mike and Ty picked our son up inside the airport and immediately transported him to his hotel. Our son had no access to money, and rules/expectations were immediately established. Within a few days, he was transported to his Airbnb and began the out-patient treatment process. HG staff did an amazing job inspiring & motivating our son to get sober. We were very impressed that they were able to get him to use the Find My Friends GPS app on his iPhone as well as administering random drug and alcohol tests. This was a huge addition to the services out-patient rehab was also providing.


Our son would spend about 6 to 7 hours per day at out-patient rehab and the remainder with an advanced life coach that would take him to the gym, surf lessons, hikes, or a healthy activity they had scheduled for the day. Groceries from Whole Foods were delivered weekly, they monitored his weight and slowly began bringing our son back to life. Although our son is still in the recovery process, we are positive he would not have had the discipline to go to rehab every day without additional support. I would not recommend sending your loved one to rehab without protecting your investment. They are an amazing support service and have our wholehearted endorsement. Thank you, HG!"

- Parent, Boston


If you’d like to donate or sponsor a family in need that cannot afford private services, please visit our non-profit, Journey Home

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