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Higher Grounds Mgmt Testimonials

We tried rehab, therapy, punishments, and everything else you can think of for my son who was making bad decisions. Higher Grounds is the ONLY thing that ever worked. Ty and his team have given me hope. He is a “teen whisperer” and somehow gets through and makes an impact when you’re ready to just pull all your hair out. Parenting a troubled teen can be heartbreaking. If you’re in that situation, call Ty and his team. Trust me on this. You’ll find yourself personally benefiting from his advice and mentoring as much as your teen does. He’s extraordinary.

And best of all are the results. It's a journey and we're still walking the path, but now I've got my son back. He smiles. He jokes around and engages in the conversation. Heck, sometimes he even does the dishes without being asked :-) There are no miracle cures, but Ty and his team are SO much better than "the system."


I really can't say enough about Higher Grounds. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk about it. It's a difficult topic and I'd be happy to pay it forward.



—  Steve, El Segundo

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