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Can a Mentorship and Accountability Program Help my Teen?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The short answer is yes, teen drug addiction can be helped through teen mentorship programs and accountability programs. Utilizing both programs will increase your teen’s chances of overcoming, recovering, and not relapsing back to drug use. Offering teens who struggle with addiction all the tools and support they need to be successful now and long into their futures.

Let’s look at both programs separately and how they deliver teen addiction help.

A mentor plays a crucial role in teen relapse prevention. If your teen is struggling with an addiction, enrolling them in a teen mentorship program can help them tremendously. A mentor will help your teen develop coping strategies and guide them to live a drug-free life to make teen relapse prevention much more successful in the long run.

Having a mentor is key to teen drug addiction help. Having someone to guide them with day-to-day struggles and creating a strategy to develop long-term success with their drug addiction and future plans will help to give your teen the confidence and the know-how to deal with life more positively.

A mentor will offer your teen a sense of connection. Some things to look for in a mentor to help with your teen’s drug addiction are:

  • Kind and compassionate

  • Good communication skills

  • knowledgeable about teen addiction and recovery

  • knowledgeable about teen relapse and signs to watch for

Teen Accountability Programs:

Accountability programs are vital in the process of teen drug addiction and in helping your teen out of their addiction. Having someone your teen is accountable to and who will check in with them to ensure they do what they say they are doing goes a long way in teen relapse prevention and long-term success.

Dealing with drug addiction, it is hard for the addict to stay accountable if no one holds them to their recovery. Overcoming addiction is no easy feat, and addicts struggle with staying on track.

Most people struggle with patience but being a teen with drug addiction is much harder, as well as the effort to do the work and stay on track to recovery can be very difficult. Having someone they are accountable to will help to stay on track.

Having someone who is not their parent pushing them to make better choices for their future, reach for their dreams, push themselves to their limits, and then hold them accountable for their results, good or bad, is vital in helping your teen overcome their addiction and enter adulthood with a healthy set of coping skills.

Teen mentorship programs and teen accountability programs are great to use together. It is crucial to give your teen someone outside of their family and friends to talk to, express themselves freely, and confide in to help them through drug addiction.

If your teen is struggling with an addiction and you are unsure about a mentorship and accountability program, contact us today at Higher Grounds Management to talk with an expert about what is available to you and your teen struggling with addiction.


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