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Mentorship for teen girls

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

We live in a time where growing up isn’t as free as it used to be. This goes for any young person. We often express how valuable it is for young men to have a male influence whether it comes to sports, sustaining sobriety, or someone in a field that supports their interests.

Yet, in current times, it’s notable that women don’t get a therapist, a mentor, or someone to help them work through problems until they are in their mid-twenties or older.

There are so many difficult problems to solve and a collage of oncoming challenges as girls enter their teenage years. Growing up as a woman nowadays brings a ton of hardships ranging from:

  • The realms of partying and varying social situations that could be detrimental and dangerous.

  • Exploring sexually.

  • The temptation and experimentation of substances.

  • Differentiating true friends versus those who are fake or artificial.

  • The acceptance of groups.

  • The insistence on relativity in terms of social media presence and personally released content.

  • The constant struggle/issue with validation; comparison to other women (which is worsened by pornography, dating apps, and social media).

There are infinite complications to life and with times advancing and changing at a rate that’s impossible to keep up with; it’s difficult for parents to bridge the gap and give their two cents. Sometimes young people don’t know how to ask about these things without being judged by their parents and ridiculed.

Having a female mentor gives young women a chance to vocalize what they are going through and absorb the wisdom of someone they can trust. Like someone who is older than them and can give them proper advice.

Our female mentors have your teen’s best interest at heart but also have critical criticism to guide them properly. There is great power to those who are book smart and great on paper, but mentorship takes chemistry, personal experiences, and authenticity to incorporate true impact.

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