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Aftercare Programs for Teen Drug Use and Recovery in Los Angeles

Updated: Feb 1

Addiction is a frustrating, complex, and messy condition to find your teen in, but effective treatment and aftercare programs can increase their odds of getting sober and staying sober.

Addiction doesn't end when a treatment program ends. It is a lifetime commitment and should be treated as so. Finding a good aftercare program in Los Angeles for your teen is essential to improve the chances of them staying sober.

What are aftercare programs for teen recovery?

Aftercare is a term used when referring to ongoing treatments after your teen is done their initial detox or follow-up treatments needed. The goal of aftercare treatment programs are:

  • Help your teen maintain recovery from drug use.

  • Prevent relapse

  • To create a life with a sense of purpose and rewarding relationships.

Addiction recovery is a lifelong process, and maintaining good aftercare is so important for anyone recovering from addiction—especially teens.

Drug use can alter the normal functioning of your brain, and these changes do not instantly reverse when the drug use has stopped. Providing a stable environment and a solid aftercare plan will dramatically increase the odds of your teen remaining sober for the rest of their teen years and into adulthood.

Comprehensive aftercare

There are many variations with aftercare programs, and finding one to suit your teen's needs and personality is important. Effective aftercare treatment is comprehensive and addresses everyone as individuals and accounts for their needs.

Some areas that will be included in a quality aftercare program for your teen's recovery are:

  • Housing

  • Transportation

  • Education

  • Mental health

  • Building relationships (and let go of those that are toxic)

  • Medical status and treatments if needed

Only focusing on one aspect of a person instead of them as a whole is a recipe for disaster. Finding the root of the addiction is important, but people are complex, and there may be several things that need attention to avoid relapse.

Successful aftercare for teen addiction

Certain characteristics will help your teen be successful after drug addiction treatment and aid your teen in a successful recovery.

  • Assessments to ensure your teen has not relapsed and for mental health issues that may arise.

  • Education to further understand teen drug use and teen addiction, as well as what to expect for teen recovery from drug use.

  • A stable home. This is important for anyone recovering from an addiction, but especially for a teen. Having a safe place to call home is essential for successful recovery.

  • Finding a purpose. Helping your teen find a purpose through family, school, or work is essential for finding something they find meaningful and motivation to stay sober.

  • Aftercare programs. Finding an aftercare program is vital for your teen's recovery. Feeling a sense of love, belonging, and hope that comes from connecting with others going through something similar is essential for your teen's recovery. A good aftercare program can help your teen build strong relationships, improve current relationships, and become more involved in the community.

Addiction treatment and aftercare programs are both vital to your teen's recovery. Bringing your teen home after treatment in a rehab facility can be stressful, but finding a good aftercare program in the Los Angeles area will help to ease your mind and give your teen better odds of recovering from drug addiction.

If your child needs extra support on their recovery journey, our team can help you start a new chapter and make a change. Let one of our experts customize a treatment plan to meet your family’s needs. We work in your home and do whatever it takes to get your family back on track!

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