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Your teen could be self medicating with illegal drugs

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Did you know that teen drug abuse could be an attempt to self-medicate? Your child could be abusing alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, or crystal meth in an attempt to escape the effects of mental health difficulties including depression, anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, or Borderline Personality Disorder. It may also be something they choose to help with the distressing feelings brought about by having to mask that they are neurodivergent - that is - being autistic or having Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Your adolescent may not understand why they are drawn to drug misuse, not realizing that between the ages of 13-18, teenagers go through big changes - and the impacts of these transitions can impact their mental well-being. They’re too young to realize that numbing psychological distress with illicit substances will have negative long-term consequences on their lives.

So what can I do as a parent?

You don’t have to keep sending your teen away for drug rehabilitation treatment. In fact, where other traditional interventions have failed, that’s where home-based treatment works best.

Unlike the residential treatment centers in Orange County, California, Higher Grounds Management offers in-home services for relapse prevention. So your kid can continue their recovery around their supportive, loving family network.

We also understand that your child needs the coaching and support that we offer in order to tackle those underlying mental health difficulties they may be facing. Treating just the addiction is only dealing with the tip of the iceberg.

Our WhyTry program takes a holistic approach and by bringing our experts into your home, we can help your teen achieve independent long-term resilience.

No “one size fits all”

That’s not to say that there aren’t retreat options should it be the right decision for your child at the start of their treatment.

Because of any underlying mental health issues that could be creating drug misuse problems, a retreat may be part of the right plan of treatment for your teenager. The best environment for them could be away from everyday triggers while we prepare them for our customized in-home behavioral intervention program.

One of the key benefits of working with Higher Grounds Management is that we offer a tailored approach to suit the issues your child is facing, as we don’t believe that one size fits all - every family is different.

Parental support

It’s not just your kid that is suffering. We know from our extensive work with families in California that the parents in the situation also need help. The emotional distress you have suffered because of concern for your child, as well as the impact of their behavior, means that you need support too.

That is why Higher Grounds offer 24/7 parent support and coaching. We’ll be there for you around the clock, in a way that suits you. We can be reached by phone, online, or in person. It’s not just the teen we’re there for, but the whole family.

This comprehensive package aids your child’s relapse prevention, because the coaching we provide you with, will help you be more emotionally available to your youngster. You’ll be able to bolster their continuing recovery efforts and work more effectively as a family unit.

Next steps

The next step is to let our team help your adolescent detox and get back on track. We will work in your Orange County home with your family, to help remedy problematic behaviors and create better habits long term. Learn more about the services we offer and contact us today.


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