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Teen Accountability & Life Coaching: The Key To Creating Solid Lifelong Habits

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Getting teens motivated, especially when it comes to school, can be difficult in and of itself. The goal is to attract them to new information (whether they are entirely interested or not) so that they do well on their assignments which reflects on their exams, and they need to do well on their exams so they can get accepted into a solid college.

Higher Grounds Mgmt Teen Accountability

Once they get into a good college, then they can find a degree to obtain to later find their place in the world. After completing college, they will have the opportunity to find a solid career, start a family, and accomplish goals that will bring them happiness and satisfaction in life. This is no easy task, although it is very important to make it their idea, as kids do not like being told what to do.

Ultimately, what is most important is making sure teens day to day obligations are repeated and concrete. The things you do every day like brushing your teeth, making your bed, cleaning your room, going to school, etc. are the most important things we do in life because once we perfect those things, that attribute of particularity and precision creates a solid work ethic and healthy habits that ripple into other areas of life and involvement.

Now, there is no phrase or instant motivational nudge to have teens grasp this concept of how important it is to tackle each day of school; truly listening and being firmly attentive. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Like all good things, these things take time. There is no flip of the switch, therefore the expectation can not be so large that it is too intimidating.

With our program, we apply accountability and responsibility to the teen which gives them noticeable change for the better, over time. It’s all about the uphill path and the slope's trajectory. The ups and downs are to be expected, as making ourselves learn new strategies and habits isn’t so easy. Our point system (“points equal privileges”) has teens left with the reflection in the mirror, their fate in their own hands to improve.

Each day they will develop the habits naturally to change in a positive sense, even if it’s a half percent a day! That is compound interest that is evident and worth supplying them for their future.

In this modern world, we are so pressured to compare ourselves to other people, especially our teens with the influence of social media. As adults, we lose sight of the pressure of the constant challenge of comparison and taking ourselves back to what we felt… when we were just a kid. Social media platforms have others presenting their shiny outsides. Teens don’t comprehend or see through it that these people who are so fortunate, also have hard lives behind the post and finessed online presentations.

Our life coaches and mentors give guidance and imprint wisdom, as we take our time getting to know each and every one of the teens we work with. Because each of us is quite different from other people. Customized accountability that creates lasting change - welcome to Higher Grounds.

Written by Nicholas Salvemini, Higher Grounds Mentor

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